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How to tell if you have mood disorder?

In our blog titled “Mood disorders: Common causes and symptoms” we discussed common causes and symptoms of mood disorders. In this blog we will discuss different types of mood disorders and how to tell if you have mood disorders. What...

Race of the Sleep trackers: Fitbit vs Oura vs Whoop vs Garmin vs Apple

Is your New Year resolution to step up on fitness and focus on restful sleep? Well, these wearable coaches will help your resolution last longer (than last year!). To make choice easy in this competitive market, we bring to you a comparison of their sleep tracking potential.

7 foods that affect your Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important needs in life. It is essential for maintaining immune health, restoring energy, and memory consolidation. Achieving good sleep quality (i.e. a low sleep latency, a low number of awakenings >5 min, low waking...

Fitbit for tracking sleep: An honest review

Not all gadgets are bad for the sleep; some are ‘disruptive’ (technologically speaking!). We are talking about sleep trackers. These devices have penetrated our daily lives and have enabled us to account our sleeping practices. Not only that, if you...

7 herbs and supplements to manage mood disorders

  In the blog titled “Mood disorders: Common causes and symptoms” we discussed common mood disorders, their causes, symptoms and management options. Even the best available medical treatments don't work for everyone. Roughly four in ten Americans use herbal supplements...

A Hack from the Past: St. John’s Wort

St. John’s wort may not be as popular today, but consult your nana! It has been used since centuries (first used in 1st century AD in Roman military[1]) for balancing mood, relieving sleep disturbances, restlessness and nervousness. 
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