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Why was I, Refine Naturals 02 Memory, born late? A ‘Behind the scene’ story!

There was pomp and splendour, Refine Naturals was born. Shelves were filled, bottles got stacked. The symmetry of the labels and the harmony of the colors were perfect. People loved it. I missed it. I was still in the machines, the shells of my capsules lying apart.

Story behind the late launch of ‘Refine Naturals 02 Memory’:

Like my siblings, I was conceived out of a genuine need to help people. My makers chose the perfect blend of ingredients to fill up the 60 capsules. I was destined to help people improve their cognition and memory and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

Bacopa monnieri and Ginkgo biloba are herbs that are known to improve memory. I was filled with 150 mg and 40 mg of them respectively in each of my capsules. Both, Ginkgo as well as Bacopa, have plenty of active principles in them. The amounts of ‘actives’ vary in each batch of the harvest (its mother nature, not synthetic!). Thus, Health Canada requires that extract from Bacopa be standardized to have 40-55% of bacosides in it, while extract from Ginkgo leaves needs to have 22-27% flavonoid glycosides and 5-7% terpene lactones.[1]

With an attractive bottle and detailed label, I was sealed. The moment had come.

Something did not feel right

As I just mentioned, I needed to have the right concentration of bacosides in me. I was feeling kind of empty and weary. As per protocol, I was sent in the testing lab. Alas! My fear was not without reason; the tests confirmed that bacosides in me were below the required value. Retesting at the same facility as well as by a third party laboratory confirmed it.

Would I be just thrown away?

Making my nightmare worse, all of us were now carried off to a disposal centre. Was that the end of me? With so much money and time wasted on me already, I did not think I would get a second chance.

Challenge accepted

My makers did not give up. A new supplier was sought. Wait? What if the same error occurs? Not this time. The protocol was amended and this time my raw materials were tested before creating me. You can see my certificates of analysis here. With all things checked, I was reborn.

‘Doing what is right, not what is easy’

Even though I am getting launched 4 months late, I am proud of my makers. This time, I feel perfect and ready to help those who need a boost to their memory. Visit my product page of Refine Naturals 02 Memory (Reborn!) here.

At Refine Naturals™: We believe “You Deserve Better than FINE!”




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