How we started:

Our story began with Dr. YC Lee, PhD, the founder of Refine Naturals™. As a dedicated pharmaceutical scientist with more than 30 years of research experience under his belt, he was disheartened by the confusion one faces while choosing a Natural Health Supplement. Thus, began the journey of creating Refine Naturals™.

YC's early career focused on neuroscience and peaked with the successful development of fluoxetine (Brand name: Prozac) as the first US FDA approved antidepressant medication. When it comes to brain health, YC understood the importance of prevention. Consequently, he envisioned Refine Naturals with four cornerstone natural health supplements on Stress, Sleep, Mood and Memory.

What does Refine Naturals™ mean to you?

Refine Naturals™ is a scientifically-led supplements brand that knows how to transform natural ingredients into clinically-proven results. In a category based mostly on faith, our products have proof.

All ingredients are chosen based on data with strong scientific evidence while carefully considering different aspects of proofs from: clinical study design, statistical significance testing, and appropriate clinical outcomes.

At Refine Naturals™, naturally-derived ingredients have been chosen diligently so that they work in tandem to amplify effectiveness through multiple yet synergistic mode of action.

If you think making the right choice of natural health supplement requires a leap of faith, we can prove that you don't have to.

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