Refine Naturals™
At Refine Naturals, we use naturally sourced materials whenever possible. When developing new products, there is a lot to consider. Sometimes, natural ingredients are not stable or don't allow us to extract sufficient quantities of active ingredients to produce the needed supplements. In this case, we use synthetic alternatives to make sure that our products are effective. These products regardless of the nature of the ingredients, still passes all safety, purity and potency tests. All of our ingredients are approved by Health Canada, regardless of their source.
Our products are not made specifically for vegans, however, are suitable for vegetarians and are gelatin free and not tested on animals.
All Refine Natural products are approved and licensed by health Canada for sale with a unique Natural Product Number (NPN). NPN verifies the potency and usage of the product’s ingredients. Health Canada assesses products to be safe, effective, and of high quality. Having a product with an NPN is a regulatory assurance that consumers are provided with adequate information to make an educated product choice in the natural product category. RN’s multi ingredient formula is based on the scientific evidence available ensuring the efficacy and safety of the products in the specific condition like stress, memory, mood and sleep.
At Refine Naturals™, we insist on direct sourcing of medicinal ingredients to ensure strictest quality control at the origin. Active ingredients are carefully chosen with highest purity. GMP production sites audited by Refine Naturals scientists to ensure compliance with Health Canada’s quality standards. All products are fully third-party tested for potency, heavy metals and pathogens. All Refine Naturals™ products are Health Canada approved, and are Gluten-free, Nut-free, Sugar-free and Caffeine-free and 100% vegetarian.
Yes. All ingredients are chosen based on data with solid scientific evidence, while carefully considering different aspects of proofs such as: clinical study design, statistical significant efficacy, and appropriate clinical outcomes.
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