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The journey of my life: I am ‘Refine Naturals 05 SleepFast'

Eager to set foot into this world, I was born in March, 2021. My name is Refine Naturals 05 Sleep Fast (or ‘Sleep Fast’). I am made of a substance called Melatonin, of which 3 mg is filled in each of my 60 capsules.

How do I help people sleep?

I signal the brain that it’s time to sleep, the body responds by feeling tired, cooling down and reducing alertness.[1] This can be useful for people suffering from insomnia. People who work night shifts or those who travel more than 2-3 time zones eastward can use me to treat jet lag (I can help even if you surprisingly do both!). In short, I reset the body’s sleep clock the way you want it.

Can everyone take the same dose?

Several factors such as age, body weight, type and severity of the sleep problem and sensitivity to melatonin may affect the recommended dosage. It’s good to start at low doses, around 1 mg, and increase the dose to 3–5 mg if it doesn’t work. Studies have commonly used 2-3 mg melatonin.[2] 

How am I better than prescription sleep meds?

Melatonin is not known to cause dependence, tolerance or next day hangover.[1,3] This is because most of me gets metabolized in just an hour.[1] However, it may cause you to be drowsy and activities like driving a car may not be safe for 5 hours after use.[4]

Am I natural or synthetic?

I am synthetic, but there’s more to the story: Our body (the pineal gland, in particular) produces melatonin naturally, the stimulus for that being: darkness. So, when it is bright and sunny, melatonin does not get produced. When dusk sets in, the pineal gland starts getting into action and by night it eases your body into that gentle sleep. However, melatonin sold as supplements is synthetically produced as a chemical (both natural and synthetic melatonin are 100% identical)

How am I different from my brother: Refine Naturals 03 SleepTM?

I and my brother are both useful for sleep, but we do that in different ways. RN 03 SleepTM is made of 3 ingredients, Lemon balm, Hops and Passionflower. These improve the sleep quality while I help reset people’s sleep and help them fall asleep quickly (which you can guess from my name!).

Thank you for reading about me. At Refine Naturals™, we realize that not all natural health supplements are created equal. We concentrate our expertise in choosing quality and evidence backed medicinal ingredients. At Refine Naturals™: We believe “You Deserve Better than FINE!”


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